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Sun Valley Surgical Services Routine & Other Surgeries At Our Animal Hospital serving Concord & Walnut Creek, CA


Surgery can be a scary situation for humans and pets alike.

At Sun Valley Animal Hospital, you can trust that our talented staff will take wonderful care of your pet! We’re an emergency vet with all the tools needed to address immediate concerns, as well as routine surgeries like spays and neuters. Call our local veterinarian in Concord & Walnut Creek if you need emergency vet services. Our animal hospital proudly serves the Concord, CA & Walnut Creek, CA areas.

Sun Valley’s Surgical Services Include:


Unless you want lots of puppies and kittens running around, we suggest having your female cat or dog spayed to prevent pregnancy. This surgery also protects your pet against bacterial infections, reproductive tract diseases, and several types of cancer. Your pet’s ovaries and uterus will be removed; this is a routine surgery.


If you have a male cat or dog, we suggest having them neutered, a surgery in which the testicles are removed. While it helps decrease overpopulation, it also protects your pet against several types of cancer and sexually-transmitted diseases, and it eliminates embarrassing and aggressive behavior.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Examples of soft tissue surgery include removing foreign materials from the gastrointestinal tract, removing tumors, and more.

Orthopedic Surgery

We can repair fractured bones and address ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments, similar to an ACL tear in humans. We’ll let you know all your options and the best choice for your pet’s health.

Our Animal Hospital is Only 10 Minutes Away from Walnut Creek, CA!

If you live in the Walnut Creek or Concord, CA area and your pet needs surgery, trust Sun Valley Animal Hospital. We have experienced surgeons on hand at our animal hospital. Our vets are able to provide surgery for routine and complex procedures. We’ll provide compassionate, consistent care every step of the way to ensure your pet comes home happy and healthy.

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